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Cloud risks

Many organisations - especially in the financial services industry - are quite proficient in managing market risk and credit risk either due to regulatory pressure or business necessity. Operational risk is traditionally treated less consistently and often less methodically. 

Most organisations resort to various spreadsheets to manage their operational risk. In future this may not be enough, as regulators are focussing more on operational risk with consistently increasing complexity of these risks.

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To move away from a spreadsheet, organisations previously had to invest buy or build an integrated GRC solution and then develop processes and content to extend the tool capability to operational risk management. 

Even with significant investments, many implementations still struggle to provide decision makers the necessary context around identified risks. 

At the same time operational risks for organisations of all fields are growing disproportionately through advanced persistent cyber security threats, highly distributed organisations and a complex network of vendors. Many organisations are realising that their spreadsheets are insufficient to handle this complexity going forward.

Integrated Operational Risk management is really expensive and complex, right?

Social Media Risks

Does your operational risk management cover:

Privacy risks

Cyber risks

Physical security risks

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Business Continuity risks

Alyne provides your organisation with a cost efficient and powerful toolset to create transparency around your operational risks and significantly reduces management effort. The platform provides a:

Comprehensive risk library of more than 500 risks to trace root causes to their ultimate impact to the organisation.

Content driven and highly usable assessment capability to identify and quantify your operational risks.

More than 900 control statements, adaptable to your organisation’s needs to reduce your operational risk and foster a culture of risk awareness.

Cost effective solution to take your operational risk management to the next level with minimal ramp-up cost.

Gain Transparency of your Operational Risk with Alyne

State of technology software as a service with banking grade security to protect your information.

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Gain Transparency of your Operational Risk with Alyne